In Memoriam: Clyde

Our most beloved professional canine therapist, Clyde, passed away on October 7, 2016. Our hearts are broken, but we at Stress and Anxiety Services of New Jersey are all consoled by the fact that for many years, Clyde provided great support and comfort to many of our clients, both young and old, during their times of stress and anxiety. Clyde was a beautiful Golden Retriever, was thoroughly obedient and responsive to the differing clinical needs of our clientele, and was a really wonderful and well-respected colleague to those of us that work here.

For those clients that have had the opportunity to spend time with Clyde, we are thankful that you were able to benefit from his unconditional love, his incredible sensitivity in identifying the stress and pain in others, and his almost magical ability to provide comfort to those in distress.

We thank Dr. Cindy Haines (“Dr. Cindy”) for sharing Clyde with us these many years, and we wish her strength and send her all our love during this time of loss.

The Staff at Stress and Anxiety Service of New Jersey

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