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faceWe have included this section to let you know about our post-doc clinicians, and address any questions you might have about them.

What are post-doc fellows?
Stress and Anxiety Services of New Jersey’s clinical staff now includes “post-doc fellows.” These are doctoral level clinicians that have completed their psychology doctoral program and have had a full year of post-doc clinical internship experience approved by the American Psychological Association. They are presently working at SAS of NJ under the supervision of licensed psychologists on our staff, as they work towards meeting the requirements for their own licensure as New Jersey psychologists.

How are your post-doc fellows chosen to join your staff?
Competition for post-doc fellowships is fierce throughout the country and for different clinical facilities. Ours is no exception. We canvassed several sources for candidates, and several of our clinical staff members reviewed incoming resumes (CVs). References provided by the candidates were contacted and thoroughly interviewed. Those applicants deemed potential candidates were interviewed on 2 or 3 separate occasions by at least 2 of our clinical staff members. These lengthy interviews included questions about treatment and specific case presentations relevant to the specialty services that we provide at our clinic. Only after a consensus was achieved among the interviewers was a position offered to a candidate.

How do post-doc fellows get supervised?
These well trained clinicians, not yet licensed as psychologists but practicing under what is called a “psychology permit,” work under the close supervision of the other SAS of NJ clinical staff. Regulations require a maximum of 20 clients per week for a post-doc fellow, and a supervision hour for every 5 clients seen- so at a full caseload, the post-doc fellow gets 4 hours of clinical supervision a week. These include the equivalent of 2 supervision sessions with the whole staff at our weekly staff meetings where we review cases, as well as two sessions of individual supervision with 2 different licensed psychologists from our clinical staff.

Why should I consider seeing a post-doc fellow?
Because they are as yet unlicensed, your fee for treatment provided by a post-doc fellow is significantly more affordable than for the other therapists on staff here at SAS of NJ. (See the Fees link for more details.) Yet at the same time, you are getting treatment by someone who is consulting closely and on a regular basis with all of the other clinicians on our staff. While most clinical cases are discussed among our clinicians on a regular basis, and cases are routinely reviewed during our weekly staff meetings, the post-doc fellow gets much more intensive supervision, as described above.

Why does SAS of NJ choose to hire post-doc fellows as part of the clinical staff?
We do not accept payment through insurance companies, and we do not belong to any managed care panels. In addition, we typically do not slide our fee structure. This has resulted in some people, who are in great need of services from a specialty practice like ours, needing to be referred elsewhere, because they could not afford treatment at our clinic. It is our hope that by having the option of seeing a post-doc fellow at a more affordable fee structure, persons who otherwise might not be able to use our services might have accessibility to the highly specialized treatment services that are offered at SAS of NJ.

In addition, it allows us, the SAS of NJ clinical staff, to make sure that these already well-trained and experienced clinicians are effectively trained in the very specific protocols and techniques that we use in our specialty practice, which focuses on the treatment of OCD and related disorders, anxiety disorders such as PTSD, Social Anxiety Disorder, Phobias, Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and more. In this way we are assured that everyone on staff takes the same approach and offers clients the same quality of service, information, guidance, and assistance across the board.

Finally, there is a clinical advantage to seeing a post-doc fellow, in that you get not only the knowledge and experience that your clinician has to offer, but the input by several other, more seasoned clinicians who regularly discuss your case with the post-doc fellow.

Why are your post doc fellows not described on your web site? I don’t see their names and photos like I see of the other SAS of NJ clinicians.
The New Jersey Board of Psychological Examiners, the governing entity for psychologists in this state, has regulated that this is not permitted. Our post-docs do not have business cards and are not represented specifically on this web site. But we at SAS of NJ feel very strongly about the quality and professional skills of any post docs on our staff. If we didn’t feel that way, they wouldn’t be here.

What if I don’t want to see a post-doc fellow?
No one is forced to see any clinician at our practice that they do not want to see. A post-doc fellow, just like any licensed psychologist on staff, is assigned by the Intake Coordinator during your first call to the center, and is determined to a large degree by your wants, needs, desires, and schedule availability.

What if I want more information about the option of seeing a post-doc fellow?
If you have any other questions, such as those concerning insurance coverage or scheduling availability, call our main number and dial the extension for our Intake Coordinator. The IC will be able to answer any other questions that were not covered in this section of our web site.

We hope this review has served to answer most of your questions or concerns about post-doc fellows.

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