Contacting the Therapist

Scheduling your first appointment

Please call our Intake Coordinator, at 732-390-6694 x 0. Leave a message on the voice mail and you will get a call back for a brief phone interview. If you are interested in setting up an appointment with a specific therapist, please let the Intake Coordinator know. See Scheduling your first appointment.


Please be aware that certain communications, such as trying to arrange or change an appointment time, or letting your therapist know about something you had contracted to try to work on, are perfectly acceptable uses of the Internet. However, we typically do NOT conduct therapy of any kind across the Internet.

If you have a strong need to discuss something of a clinical nature, it is suggested that you leave a voicemail message on the voice mail system and then talk directly on the phone with your therapist or set up an appointment to meet face to face.


The number is 732-432-7206; you may fax the office 24/7. Here again, you may not always get a response right away.


The phone number is 732-390-6694.

This is generally the best way to reach your therapist for non-emergency messages. You will almost always get the voice mail when you call this number, and you should leave your information with some good times when you can be reached.

You usually cannot reach your therapist directly in the office when you phone this number, but you may phone anytime 24/7.

Unless the telephone greeting indicates that the therapist is away on vacation, they usually check voicemail several times daily on weekdays and at least once a day on weekends and holidays.

Keep in mind that when you phone this number, you may also leave a message for the office manager regarding business and financial questions, or for one of the other mental health professionals at SAS of NJ. These options are reviewed in the telephone greeting.

When on vacation, or out of town for some other reason, there will almost always be an arrangement for clinical coverage. When this is the case, the telephone greeting message will refer you to the covering clinician. On those occasions when no coverage is provided, you would either be directed toward your local ER for clinical emergencies, or the greeting will state that your therapist is out of town, but I will be checking messages regularly.

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