Scheduling your first appointment

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with any of our therapists, please first look over our website to familiarize yourself with our staff, our fees, insurance information, and our services.

Once done, then phone our Intake Coordinator at 732-390-6694, push “0” when prompted, and leave a message that you are interested in scheduling a session.  Please state your names slowly and clearly, and leave your phone number(s) twice.

The Intake Coordinator will phone you back, answer any basic questions you might have that have not been addressed by the website, and will then conduct a brief interview (less than 5 minutes) over the phone. This is done to make sure that we are the best choice to service the difficulties you are coming to us for. If you are interested in seeing a particular therapist, you may share that with Intake Coordinator during the intake, and, barring scheduling difficulties, you will generally get the therapist you are interested in.

At the end of the phone interview, assuming you do not need to be referred to another facility, the Intake Coordinator will confirm with you who will be your assigned therapist, and that therapist will follow up with another call to you to schedule an appointment. If a therapist is not confirmed at the time of your initial contact, your case will be reviewed and you will find out which therapist will be assigned to you when he or she calls you back.

After the brief phone interview with the Intake Coordinator, you will receive a call, usually within 24 hours, from the assigned therapist, who will then prepare you for the first in office session and will review such things as directions to the office and what forms you need to download from the website, fill out, and bring in with you.

New Clients